I struggled to get a school for my daughter in 2017. EduPlanet was the last option as it was not a well-known school at the time. I had planned to take her to another school the year after but I noticed a huge improvement in my daughter. I could see that the school is very good. They have computer classes and extra classes.

The teachers are very friendly and go the extra mile to help the learners. They also have the proper learning materials and resources. As a result, I enrolled my son, Anele the following year, in 2018. I must say that it is the best decision I’ve made thus far. My kids are fluent in English. Their literacy level has grown tremendously.

I am very impressed with the work that the teachers have done and are still doing. Even during the lockdown, the kids were kept busy with schoolwork so that they did not fall behind that much.

Ms Vabasa
Mom of Aviwe Gr.4 & Anele Gr.3

I would like to say thank you so much for the amazing job the school does for our children. Knowing that you care for our kids gives us the confidence and reassurance we need, and for that I cannot thank you enough.

Yours is a thankless job but you do it with grace. The school has accepted our children regardless of their history and background to give them a fighting chance in life. It is now also up to us parents to give you the support you need to take this new baby (our school) to new heights and to support our children towards a better productive future.

This was not and will not be an easy journey as we have not reached our destination.

We have been through ups and downs but you (School Management, Teachers and Parents) kept it together and here we are today, 4 years later. I do not say it is all over now, but we would not have been here if it was not for your resilience and dedication for nothing else but to see our children succeed in life.

Forward with the struggle to see a young life in the Eastern Cape growing into something beyond what they ever thought possible. Through all I now have a new meaning for “Family” and “Together we stand”.

To all parents, Teachers and Management of Edu Planet – You are an inspiration.

Linda Duruwe (School Parent Committee)
Mom to Libongo Gr.11