Art Program: Art allows children to express themselves and their emotions in a stimulating and open atmosphere. We have a dedicated classroom where experimentation and individual expression is encouraged. This teaches children to grow into well-rounded individuals.

Music ProgramMusic teaches children to understand rhythm and flow. Learning to read music has been proven to help improve children’s cognitive abilities.  We encourage individual learners to allow their instinct to take over so that their natural talent can develop.

HeritageEvery year we acknowledge our heritage. We wear cultural clothing, cook native foods (there is always a good braai) and celebrate our beautiful country of South Africa.

Cultural DancingWe share our dancing in assemblies and at events. Each grade learns various cultural dances and performs for their peers. 

Dress-Up daysDress-up days are a reward for outstanding behavior. Although we do have civvies days, our dress-up days are always a huge hit. We have pajama days, Valentine’s Day, Crazy sock days and so much more.